my history

i was born on the west coast. grew up on the east coast. 22 years ago, i went to school for illustration. then worked as a scientific illustrator at the smithsonian drawing bugs. played music and toured the world next. my first intro into graphic design was silkscreening band shirts and making cut and paste flyers. finally accepted computers and learned to do layouts. diy design for music next. went back to school for graphic design while working at dischord records. graduated quickly. worked as a designer, but realized that graphic designers were mostly thought of as production people. left dc, moved to nyc. took a job at berlin cameron. quickly moved into an art director position. berlin won ad agency of the year that year (2003). worked on a ton of big clients. left b/c and did some work at chiat. then took a job at afg/mccann where my work won 5 different clients over my time there. worked as both senior art director and creative director on all of my clients. made a bunch of really great stuff. left nyc and moved to la. started a production company in order to do more directing and to be able to be a one stop shop for clients. i'm still directing, art directing, designing, making music, art projects, and a million things I won't have time to do in life.

my work

all of the work shown here i either directed, art directed or designed. i also did all of the layouts and in almost all cases, all of the photoshop/illustrator work as well. on a portion of my tv work i did the camera work and editing. jennifer bergman did a bulk of the copywriting on this work. visit her website

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i built this site with indexhibit. it rules.